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Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology | Quantum Technology

2 + 3 years
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Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology | Quantum Technology

The Quantum Technology major takes you to the forefront of the ongoing quantum revolution in computation, communication, sensing, and simulation. Novel devices will outperform current technologies by exploiting quantum mechanical phenomena. Future quantum computers will solve problems that are not tractable with existing hardware and algorithms. Quantum communication will use unbreakable encryption schemes. The Quantum Technology major provides you with the skills to become a global leader in this emerging industry and growing field of engineering.

Quantum technology is a multi-disciplinary field that crosses the traditional boundaries between nanophysics, computer science, and electrical engineering.

During the coursework, you will

  • learn the fundamentals of quantum physics and understand its applications in real-world technologies.
  • acquire the necessary mathematical skills and physical theories to understand the quantum world from a technological perspective.
  • be able to perform experiments on quantum systems and deliver technological roadmaps towards future applications.
  • know how to develop computer algorithms and programs that exploit quantum mechanical principles.

Throughout your studies, you will develop strong skills in mathematics, physics, computer science, and electrical engineering. After completing your Quantum Technology degree, you can tackle industrial challenges involving quantum physics and develop quantum technologies for the benefit of society.

Quantum Technology is one of the majors in the new Aalto University Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology and is taught entirely in English.

Content of the studies

The compulsory courses introduce students to quantum science and technology, fundamental physics ranging from thermodynamics to electromagnetism, as well as the necessary analytical and numerical tools from mathematics. The elective courses cover advanced topics, such as quantum information processing, computation, and communication, and materials science intended for future quantum technologies.

The Quantum Technology major prepares you for high-tech jobs in the growing quantum technology industry, both in Finland and abroad.

Quantum technology is a rapidly growing field of engineering, both in Finland and abroad. As such, there is urgent need for quantum experts that can develop quantum solutions to technological challenges in computation, communication, sensing, and simulation. The Quantum Technology Bachelor’s degree gives you the necessary skills to become a future leader in quantum engineering.

The core of the Quantum Technology major includes the following topics:

  • Quantum devices for advanced technologies
  • Quantum information processing, communication, and algorithms
  • Quantum sensing and simulation
  • Nano-scale fabrication of quantum circuits and processors
  • Low-temperature physics and materials science for quantum engineering
  • Theoretical description and understanding of quantum systems


General eligibility for higher education

Tutkinto / todistus

  • Bachelor of Science (Technology)
  • Master of Science (Technology)



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