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Arvioinnit Degree Programme in Business Service Solutions and Languages | full-time studies:sta

Keskiarvo: 4,9

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I attended the first semester as student in the "Multilingual Management Assistant" program in Pasila, It was an amazing start with a lot of interesting courses and really qualified and experienced lecturers. I liked the way courses are structured and in this first semester we worked a lot on our team work skills. It has been an intensive semest...
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The Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants is an excellent Degree Programme as it is a combination of different things. It does have a lot of courses preparing you to become an assistant but it also prepares you for many other careers within business field. Compared to a basic business programme, it contains more courses, for ex...
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Mayra Da Silva
As a recent graduate from the Degree Programme for Multilingual Management Assistants I can sum up my experience at Haaga-Helia as the place to get the latest practical knowledge in business administration in a very supportive way. Teachers, counselors, administrative staff and everyone is genuinely willing to help, the atmosphere is blooming an...
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Yulia Osipova
Gives a good base for learning many different topics and developing diverse skills, required by the job; well-structured and practically oriented. Multilingual aspect is a huge benefit. The degree programme opens lots of different career paths in business - HR, communication, marketing, sales.
Mubba proved to be more than I expected, especially the projects with companies and advanced studies gave me a whole new direction as to what I want to pursue in my career. Beginning of studies is a lot of work but already 2nd year felt a lot easier. Most of the teachers are very competent and I personally enjoyed most of the sources. Most of th...
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Zhangping Wu
I was studying in Haaga-Helia in the Multilingual Management Assistants Program (MUBBA) autumn, 2010 - May, 2012. It was fun, and the study was very efficient; I was told that I was one of the quickest graduates. I started working for finnair immediatly after the graduation. Now I am working in an Intellectual Property Law firm, assisting the co...
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The DP for Multilingual management assistants is a great mixture of business, communication and foreign languages. A lot team work and nice people from all over the world. I received versatile competences valuable for my future career, e.g. project management and diverse language skills.
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