Bachelor's Programme in Science

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Bachelor's Programme in Science

Our understanding of the universe and all modern technology is based on advances made in scientific research over approximately the last 100 years. The operation of computers and mobile phones relies fully on quantum mechanical principles, and the nature of matter in the universe has been unveiled by studies in particle physics, astronomy and cosmology. New exciting discoveries are constantly made and will affect our future. For instance, studies on quantum information combined with the development of new materials are just about to open up the doors for quantum computing, and the analysis by artificial intelligence of big data will lead to new ways to cure disease.

The Bachelor's Programme in Science offers an interdisciplinary education that will enable you to work on the cutting edge of exciting basic research and application development in math, physics, chemistry and computer/data science.

The employment outlook within the field is excellent. Graduates of the programme have excellent employment opportunities in Finland and EU countries in areas such as IT companies, nanoscience, and chemical industries. MSc graduates also have very good chances to continue in basic research in university or research institute PhD programmes.


Separate application period.

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Bachelor of Science and Master of Science

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