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Master's Programme in Russian Studies

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Master's Programme in Russian Studies

Study objectives

Upon completion of the Master’s Programme in Russian Studies, you will have acquired in-depth knowledge of Russia’s past and present and Russia-related expertise for use in your future career. You will be able to develop your expertise and skills, find your own career path, and update your knowledge and skills independently. 

Your expertise will give you a solid background in critical thinking and provide you with the readiness to operate in diverse professional environments. For instance, you can choose a career in government, education, the media, the business world or in non-governmental organisations. You can also focus on a research career and apply to doctoral programmes.

Your studies will be conducted by the scholars of the Aleksanteri Institute and other units of the University of Helsinki, who have solid teaching experience and broad research credentials. The Aleksanteri Institute is the largest and best-known research institute for Russian studies in Europe. Based on the scholars’ experience in innovative approaches to area studies, the programme focuses on global challenges in the Russian context. Our themes include the environment, society, politics, culture and history.

Study contents

Russian Studies approaches Russia as an increasingly important global player. Our programme is based on the conviction that there will be a continuing need for expertise in Russian culture, politics and society in a variety of fields in national and international arenas.

As a student of Russian Studies, you will participate in courses which approach Russia through globally significant phenomena and processes. These provide you with an understanding of both the challenges Russia faces and the world in which Russia operates. The courses facilitate case-study–based learning and utilise our annual conference and excursions. You also have the possibility to include courses from other programmes at the University of Helsinki.

In the Master’s studies programme, you will

  • Have the opportunity to acquire versatile expertise benefitting many fields that require knowledge of Russia, its culture and institutions
  • Have the opportunity to study basic Russian language courses if you have no prior skills in Russian
  • Have the opportunity to make short excursion(s)
  • Have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects and create new ones
  • Strengthen your understanding of theory, and work on your academic writing skills
  • Participate in the master’s thesis seminar, during which you will write your master’s thesis and participate in a student conference
  • Learn in the project courses about career opportunities with Russian experts from different scientific fields


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Helsingin yliopisto

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