Education for young immigrants

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Education for young immigrants


  • to learn to use Finnish
  • to learn to know Finland and the Finns better
  • to get new friends
  • to find your own path to go to a new school or to work


For everyone interested in arts. We produce artworks by drawing, painting, by methods of graphic and carving and photographing. We deepen the knowledge of visual arts. Studies are suitable for a preparing course. We also participate to other educational institutions and exhibitions.GRAPHIC DESIGNDrawing, painting, illustrating, photographing, computer graphics, image processing, layouts… tools in graphic field. We get to know technics and materials widely. Studies are suitable for preparing yourself to work in graphic field, and also for vocational school studies.


Studies oriented in moving picture, creating and editing gameworlds. Studies include 3D-designs, virtual reality, game designing, programming, computer graphics- and animation, dramaturgy, and technics in audiovisual field. Extensive and comprehensive ensemble of studies.


Half-year period of studies, where students choose different courses depending on individual goals, from the offering of Visual arts, Graphic design and Media arts – Gamevision. Possibility to continue studies until spring in the lines of studies mentioned above.


Make-up artist develops creative craftsmanship, sense of form, good sense of color and emotional intelligence. The make-up artist works in a social environment, rapidly changing and even strange opportunities and spaces. The work is inspiring, developmental, solution-oriented and versatile. Technology is evolving and products are evolving as well. Of course, history repeats itself, what is old today may be new tomorrow.


Over 30 years of achieved and gifted professionals – frontline pop-, rock-, and heavy musicians have started their succesful career from here. We provide education in practical skills to increase and develope your own strenghts as a musician. You get to know the field of music widely – from playing in a band to performing as a solo artist, from rock to jazz, from training to studio recording. You can also prepare yourself for studies in pop/jazz or music technology in conservatories.


Studies will train you to understand social media and its phenomenons. You will get practice in creating efficient contect to different channels. You will learn the basics of communication in public and in private sector. During the year of studies you have the possibility to study marketing in open university. Studies prepare also for further studies considering marketing and communications.


Studies will train you to understand editing and voice technics. You will get the bascis of audio communications. Studies include competence of speech, audio- and programm production, voice technics, and working as a radio reporter in our schools own radio station. Students also get to influence the content of Radio Scoops offerings.


Approximately 40 weeks of studies, which prepare students for proficiency exam. Is also suitable for professionals in the field of nursing or therapy. Provides the opportunity to take part in dog- or horse massage courses, or in the studies of relaxing instructor.


Authorized by Finnish Activity- and Health association SKY ry. Works with single persons and with groups, with the intention to plan appropriate physical exercises to different sort of target groups and customers. Includes also studies of nutrition and maintenance of muscles. Exercises require ability to get along with different kind of people and groups. Full extent of these wide-ranging studies are 550 hrs, which are carried out as full-time studies.


Approximately 40 weeks of studies, which give excellent skills to lead varying exercise groups. Studies are also useful for further studies in the area of exercise, social- and health and pedagogy.


Half-year period of studies about health, wellbeing and and sports. For everyone interested in these areas, and also for those who plan to apply for further studies which deal with these subjects. Includes also section about wilderness- and adventure guiding. Studies start in january and in august.


Studies are mainly focused on the Finland police college and rescue services entrance exams. Students will also get familiar with further studies in coaching, sports, health, physiotherapy and massage. The extent of studies are approximately 500 hrs.


One year of studies that provide you the possibility to raise your grades in elementary school leaving certificate. Get more valuable points in joint application system. Strenghten your talents and ensure that your postgraduate study plans come true. Come and practise your own independent life in new environment.


When your goal is to get elementary school certificate. Studies are also recommended for immigrants who do not have comparable studies from their country of origin. After year of studies you may start studies in vocational school or in upper secondary school. You can apply anytime of the year. Studying is free for all.


For immigrants who have lived less than three years in Finland. Integration training gives adult immigrants better possibilities of becoming a part of Finnish society. To receive unemployment benefit, you must take the initial survey and participate in integration training. The requirement to participate in the training concerns both labour market training and independent training funded with unemployment benefit. Before applying to studies be in contact to your areas TE-service.

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For more information about Education for young immigrants, please submit an information request below and the school will contact you with further information.

Application process

You aim to study by filling the application form on the school's website.


Immigrants under age of 30 living in Finland, who require a wide range of studies on how to settle down in Finland, as well as wanting to work on understand your relationship with Finland. In order to become a student you do not need to speak Finnish language. Students will receive individual student counselling. The student will write with the supervisor a personal study plan, which will be monitored. You will live at the institute and be in part of community life which will also help to engage with the Finnish students. Studying, housing and meals are free of charge.

Degree / diploma

Folk high school


More detailed information on costs can be found on the school’s website.

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