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Bachelor of Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu
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Bachelor of Health Care | Nursing | full-time studies

Study objectives

Lapin amk – Lapland UAS - Degree programme in nursing with an emphasis on remote and digital services and case management

After completing the degree in nursing, you will be a qualified expert in nursing with varied skills. You will be able to treat, help and support people of different ages in changing life situations. Direct patient and customer care work, guidance-related and pedagogic competence and promoting health and functional capacity will be emphasised in your work. You will be capable of meeting different people and groups professionally and in an ethically proper way. Your work as a nurse will be independent and very responsible. Your work will require good work community skills and the ability to act as an expert in multisectoral work groups. After completing the degree programme, you will be able to work as a nurse in Finland and internationally.

The degree programme in nursing at Lapland University of Applied Sciences will also give you special competence relating to remote and digital services and case management. This way, we want to prepare you for facing a new kind of patient and customer base in the social welfare and health sector that operates in electronic networks and different virtual communities. These customers often want round-the-clock electronic services.  As a nurse, you will be able to support the customer in digital data collection, for example, in electronic health examinations. You will be able to utilise data produced by the customer (smart devices, heart rate monitors, etc.) in the promotion of health and the early detection of illness. You will be familiar with the most common digital health and welfare services and their customer-centric development methods. You will also familiarise yourself with the possibilities of mobile health and welfare services, such as the service car, to serve patients and customers.

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Study contents

The content of your studies is as follows:

  • Basic studies 15 credits
  • Professional studies 100 credits
  • Practical training 90 credits, including a thesis 15 credits
  • Free-choice studies 5 credits

We recommend that you select language studies for the free-choice studies if you need to strengthen your skills in Finnish or English. You can also select studies from other fields of study at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and from the offering of the University of Lapland and other universities and universities of applied sciences.

Your training will mainly take place in simulation and network environments of our university and in practical training. The high-quality equipment and advanced instruction and study methods of the simulation environments will enable versatile learning situations and practical experiments. In simulation environments, you will study the monitoring of the patients’ vital functions, different treatments, the management of acute situations (first aid, resuscitation and other emergency skills), medical treatment, interaction skills and the direction of operations in different accident and crisis situations. Simulation environments offer a learning environment that is as realistic as possible and in which you can safely study and practise the demanding skills required of a nurse. In simulation environments, your learning will be supported by patient simulators, computer-based simulations, simulation actors, experience instructors and virtual reality methods. You will also practice using different welfare indicators in health promotion and case management for customers and patients. In Wellness Vehicle Onni, you will study taking the services near the customer in a sparsely populated area. On the Wellness Station, your studies will focus on carrying out health examinations for customers of different ages as well as groups, taking samples, performing various measurements and tests and guiding and instructing customers.

Much of the studies will be completed as teamwork. A part of your studies will consist of independent studying for which you will receive guidance from teachers. The guidance can be provided at school or in a network environment.

Your studying will be practical. During your studies, you will collaborate with fellow students, teachers and working life representatives in solving important issues and problems faced by nurses in their work. Working life representatives will act as leaders of skill workshops and discussions, lecturers and instructors in practical training. A part of your studies may also be completed as collaboration and development projects carried out with working life.

The key nursing care contents of the degree programme in nursing are:

  • nursing of children, young people and families
  • nursing of working-age and elderly people
  • nursing of patients with internal illnesses
  • surgical nursing
  • mental health and substance abuse nursing
  • acute nursing (emergency and reception nursing, intensive care nursing, perioperative and anaesthesia nursing)
  • developing and managing nursing care

All of these areas will involve studying remote and digital services and case management as study contents and/or through the study methods and tools used. Your studies will also include studies from other disciplines, such as medicine and the related sciences.

The skills you have acquired before and during your studies (for example, from studies in another university or work experience) will be mapped and identified through various demonstrations. After this, they can be included in your studies as a credit transfer.

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Bachelor of Health Care, Sairaanhoitaja (AMK)

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulussa on kuusi koulutusalaa joita johdetaan ja kehitetään neljänä osaamisalakokonaisuutena. Lapin AMKin toiminta perustuu luotettavuuteen, ennakkoluulottomuuteen ja yhteisöllisyyteen. Osaamisalat: Hyvinvointipalveluiden osaamisala, hallinnollinen pääpaikka Rovaniemi Kaupan ja kulttuurin osaamisala, hallinnollinen pääpaikka Tornio Matkailupalveluiden osaamisala (MTI), hallinnollinen pääpaikka Rovaniemi Teollisuuden ja luonnonvarojen...

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