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Software and Systems Engineering | Double Degree | Bachelor of Science (Technology) and Master of Science (Technology)

Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto
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Software and Systems Engineering | Double Degree | Bachelor of Science (Technology) and Master of Science (Technology)

Study objectives

As a graduate in software engineering, you will develop profitable, sustainable and user-friendly solutions for different needs.

You will understand that software and IT hardware are tools for solutions: they often serve as an essential support for other disciplines, in addition to creating opportunities and services themselves.

After completing the studies in this Bachelor's programme, you will be able to participate in software system and service development projects as a developer. You will learn scientific thinking and be prepared for scientific work. You will be able to utilise math and science to solve problems.

You will learn to take into account aspects of digitalisation, information management and sustainable development when designing software. You will be able to apply logical thinking and science to solve problems and real-life challenges.

The business perspective in your studies will help you outline what tools you can use to create software and how you will be employed when you graduate. Already during your studies, you can take advantage of the university's start-up and software development platforms and start your own business. At LUT University, you can further deepen your commercial skills as a developer of new products and services.

Software and technology have become increasingly important in our daily lives.

With the aid of digitalisation, societies are renewing their structures and operations, which offers countless opportunities for IT experts.

Programming skills give you the tools to solve great societal challenges. Challenges can be related to, for example, digitalisation, reducing energy consumption, the research and development needs of the business world or guiding consumer behaviour towards sustainability. Societal or organisational problems may also be solved by introducing a new software service, product or system to provide assistance and information to the people around us.

Software engineering is for people who are interested in problem solving and want to make things faster, less costly and more efficient in the future. You will produce solutions that take into account the needs of both individuals and large companies.

Study contents

The Bachelor's Programme in Software Systems Engineering is a unique, international double degree programme developed in cooperation with Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) in China. Students admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in Software Systems Engineering at LUT University will receive a degree certificate from two universities after they have fulfilled the degree requirements of both universities. You will complete the entire degree in Lahti, Finland.

After completing a bachelor's degree in software engineering, you can continue your studies directly in the Master's programmes at LUT in the field of software engineering:

  • Software Engineering and Digital Transformation

  • Software Product Management and Business

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Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto

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