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Software Product Management and Business, Master of Science in Technology

Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto
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Software Product Management and Business, Master of Science in Technology

Study objectives

Software product management is an integral part of software development.

Software product management defines how the life cycle of a digital product is managed, planned and governed. Continuous business change, imposed by new technology and the digitalisation of businesses and the society, forms the environment for modern software development.

After Master's Programme, you will be able to:

  • analyse, develop and manage new software-based digital products in the software industry;
  • manage and analyse business platforms related to the digital product portfolio of organisations;
  • manage enterprise-level systems and the software landscape and its connections to external platforms and ecosystems;
  • analyse a problem and identify and elicit functional, non-functional and sustainability requirements appropriate for its solution;
  • demonstrate empiricism and familiarity with the methods of academic research and writing;
  • design, evaluate, and adapt software processes and software development tools to meet the needs of an advanced development project;
  • elicit user needs and design an effective software solution;
  • communicate logically, convincingly, and effectively both orally and in writing;
  • function effectively in teams and adapt teaming strategies to improve productivity;
  • recognise human, security, social, and entrepreneur issues and responsibilities relevant to engineering software and the digitalisation of services;
  • integrate into a multi-cultural working environment with a practical orientation and collaborate in professional networks;
  • acknowledge life-long learning as a way to stay up to date in the profession.

Degree structure

The Master's Programme in Software Product Management and Business is a two-year programme. It leads to the degree of Master of Science in Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.), which is 120 ECTS credits.

The programme is arranged at LUT's Lahti campus, and it combines lectured courses with online learning assignments. The programme includes core, specialisation, minor, language and elective studies.

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Master of Science in Technology

Lappeenrannan-Lahden teknillinen yliopisto

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