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Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu
2 years
Application deadline: Joint application
Full time
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Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

Chemistry of Sustainable Processes and Materials

As a student, you will have access to:

  • A multidisciplinary curriculum which integrates studies in science and technology

  • World class facilities for practical laboratory work

  • Close collaboration with the chemical industry and different research units

The teaching and research in the degree programme promotes the environmental society of tomorrow. The programme is focused on the chemistry of sustainable processes and materials. The studies offer a wide range of education opportunities in science and technology and an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience with modern experimental techniques.

The graduate will be able to:

  • independently search, interpret and absorb chemistry-related scientific knowledge and take responsibility for his/her own professional development
  • independently apply adopted, chemistry-related advanced knowledge to solve a scientific problem or to produce new knowledge in chemistry or chemistry-related environment
  • critically handle chemistry-related data and draw conclusions based on it
  • scientific research using scientific methods
  • clearly present and give reasons for results to a specialist and non-specialist audience
  • to work as a chemist in industry or public sector or in chemistry-related tasks

The degree programme contains advanced studies in different fields of chemistry: analytical, applied, inorganic, physical and/or organic chemistry. The programme also contains compulsory laboratory work and optional studies offered by other degree programmes in the Faculty of Technology. For instance, a student can include studies in the field of engineering – process engineering is a typical choice among many others – to further build their interdisciplinary study path.

The graduates will have excellent theoretical knowledge and a solid base to continue their academic career, if they so wish. The practical skills gained in the programme means that they will be primed to respond to the needs of industry and make for valuable recruiting assets for private companies and the public sector alike.

Possible job titles include:

  • Product development chemist
  • Laboratory or research manager
  • Researcher

Admission requirements

Visit the programme page to see the admission requirements and how to apply through an online joint application system at

Degree / diploma

Master of Science

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

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Oulun yliopisto | University of Oulu

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