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Pace University

Pace University

Founded in 1906, Pace University educates achievers who are engaged with critical issues locally and globally. Students enroll from around the US and more than 100 countries. Known for its outcome-oriented environment that prepares students to succeed in a wide range of professions, Pace has been preparing students to become leaders in their fields by providing an education that combines exceptional academics with professional experience and the New York advantage. Pace has two campus locations: New York City and in nearby Pleasantville, NY, just 40 miles north of Manhattan.

The Seidenberg School

The Seidenberg School offers a welcoming yet professional environment where you will be able to make the most of studying in one of the world’s main technological hubs – New York. Living in this tech-lovers paradise offers an abundance of internships and work experience opportunities at big businesses, exciting start-ups, and everything in between. Many Seidenberg graduates seek out current students for internships and future jobs as they know the high quality of academic and professional preparation that Pace delivers to its students.

Two Campuses – two very different experiences

Studying with the Seidenberg School means options. It could be school's two impressive locations: New York City, in the heart of the bustling Financial District, where the technology scene thrums with life, and in picturesque Pleasantville, where a traditional college campus awaits students looking for that quintessential experience – while a multitude of tech business and internship opportunities abound nearby.

No matter which campus you chose all Seidenberg School students benefit from the unique community built on support, mentoring and camaraderie, where you’ll start your program with new friends, but leave with your own professional network.


Vuonna 1906 perustettu Pace University kouluttaa menestyksekkäitä suorittajia, jotka työskentelevät tärkeiden ongelmien parissa paikallisesti sekä kansainvälisesti. Pace Universityssa opiskelee opiskelijoita ympäri Yhdysvaltoja ja yli 100 eri maasta. Yliopistoon kuuluva Seidenberg School tarjoaa ystävällisen ja ammattimaisen ympäristön, jossa saat kaiken irti opiskelusta yhdessä maailman teknologian keskuksista, New Yorkissa. Asuminen tässä tekniikan rakastajan paratiisissa tarjoaa runsaasti työharjoittelupaikkoja ja työkokemusta niin suurissa yrityksissä, mielenkiintoisissa start-upeissa kuin myös kaikessa siltä väliltä.

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Pace University

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