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Master's Degree Programme in Emerging Media

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Master's Degree Programme in Emerging Media

Emerging Media means media forms and technologies that are still in their early phase, requiring professionals to explore and experiment uses for them. In constantly changing media environment, there is a need for art and media experts who are able to adopt rapidly new technologies in their work. Furthermore, the Master's Degree in Emerging Media nurtures holistic worldview and emphasises the role of art and media in sustainable development.

Emerging Media includes new formats, technologies and digital cultures such as

  • evolving applications and platforms of social media and mobile communications
  • virtual and augmented reality 
  • applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence: e.g. media content personalization
  • new collaborative production tools
  • “old forms” such as video used in new ways.

In the studies, various fields of emerging media are discussed and analysed. You will select at least one focus area based on your previous work experience and personal interest in which you develop your skills intentionally. The application fields can be, for instance, music or media production, arts, communications, marketing, digital learning, virtual collaboration and developing work practices.

The programme merges emerging media and sustainability. Sustainability implies enhancing wellbeing and tackling local and global challenges as well as it implies economical level e.g. considering business opportunities of emerging media. The studies combine research and practical work in a multidisciplinary way that encourages getting ideas from different approaches and practices of media and arts and other disciplines, as well.

This programme will enable the participants to:

  • update their knowledge about emerging media and new technologies
  • gain expertise at least on one focus area of the emerging media (e.g. social media, virtual reality)
  • develop entrepreneurial attitude and self-learning skills in taking over rapidly changing media forms and technologies
  • consider sustainability and societal challenges in their work
  • apply multidisciplinary approach in their work
  • develop their skills for leading and managing collaboration in multicultural teams
  • carry out innovative/artistic emerging media project
  • research, analyse and reflect critically topics and practices related to studies.

Study contents

The extent of the studies is 60 credits and duration 1-1.5 years. The largest study is the Master’s thesis (30 credits) that covers half of the studies. In the advanced professional studies (25 credits), students familiarise themselves with emerging media forms and technologies. Furthermore, sustainable value creation that includes economic, environmental and social dimensions is studied. Free-choice studies (5 credits) are for extending a student’s knowledge and skills in the relevant field related to Master’s project. In the studies, self-directed learning is emphasised as the fundamental method for gaining the learning objectives. Therefore, in all the studies students are guided actively to form their own learning objectives and to utilise the informal resources of the internet in an efficient way. 


Separate application period for Master's Programmes.

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Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

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