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Computing Sciences, Human-Technology Interaction, Master of Science (Tech)

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Computing Sciences, Human-Technology Interaction, Master of Science (Tech)

Study objectives

Applicants can apply to take a Master of Science degree and/or a Master of Science (Tech) degree in Human-Technology Interaction. Please check carefully the eligibility criteria of the degree programme you are interested in.

After completing the studies, you master the main theories and practices related to user experience of interactive products and services. You are able to account for the user needs and characteristics in human-technology interaction. The studies offer skills to design, prototype, implement and evaluate interactive systems according to human-centered design principles and processes.

You are also able to apply different user interface styles and interaction techniques to different application domains, including mobile computing and novel computing paradigms such as Virtual Reality and interactive robots. You have basic research skills in HTI and are eligible to apply to doctoral studies. You also learn several important meta-skills for the work life, such as teamwork, multidisciplinary and multicultural communication, presentation, argumentation, critical information search and reflection.

Study contents

Technology plays an increasing role in our daily lives, and it is important to have professionals who have deep understanding of how to develop efficient and enjoyable ways to interact with a wide variety of technological devices. You can deepen your knowledge in course units that cover a wide range of topics from user experience and emotions to innovative use of facial behavior like gaze and expressions, touch, speech, and human physiology in user interfaces. The programme leads you to scientific thinking and writing as well as to hands-on work in various course projects.

HTI master’s studies have a direct link to HTI research carried out at the Tampere University. There is a wide range of multidisciplinary research into technology-mediated novel ways of interaction with devices, digital environments and people. HTI research groups at Tampere University explore and develop more intuitive user interfaces for the future. The aim is to match the design of new technologies with human abilities and needs - targeting at the best possible user experience with technology.

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Master of Science (Tech)

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