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Game Studies, Master of Social Sciences

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Game Studies, Master of Social Sciences

After completing the Master's degree you are expected to:

  • be familiar with scientific thinking and capable of applying scientific working methods in your own area of specialization
  • be motivated for lifelong learning
  • be capable of undertaking scientific postgraduate studies
  • be capable of applying the knowledge acquired and of functioning in internationalizing working life

After completing the Master’s Degree Programme in Game Studies you will:

  • be able to identify, define and analyse games and play in their various forms
  • understand and be capable of critically using the concepts and theories that relate to the fundamental character of games and the phenomena around them
  • have in-depth understanding about the forms, practices and contexts of games as cultural, social, technical and commercial phenomena
  • be able to independently acquire scientific knowledge
  • be able to communicate the results from research to different audiences
  • be able to work in interdisciplinary teams as an expert of games and related phenomena (including e.g. online cultures, game production, gamification)

This master programme provides an in-depth view to the fundamental character and development of games and play. Expanding from entertainment to other areas of life, games have grown into a form of culture and human interaction that is a crucial part of our social life and current media landscape.

The programme is particularly targeted at the questions of analysis, design and application of games from the interconnected perspectives of games, game players, game developers and game cultures. It will give you the academic skills needed to analyze, observe and understand the developments in this field of study while also encouraging a more pragmatic involvement and hands-on attitude with games and playful design.

The programme is founded on long history of education and research conducted at the University of Tampere Game Research Lab. In 2018-2025, this internationally acclaimed research group coordinates a Centre of Excellence in Game Culture Studies funded by the Academy of Finland.


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Master of Social Sciences

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