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Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Technology, Master of Science (Technology)

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Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Technology, Master of Science (Technology)

Companies need young professionals with an intercultural mindset and an understanding of the potential offered by the latest technologies. The Master's Degree Programme in Business and Technology (B&T) welcomes engineers and engineering graduates from all over the world to study management in an intercultural and business-oriented learning environment. 

B&T focuses on business development in international sales and sourcing networks. Companies operate in global networks: both managers and business development professionals need to understand how these networks function and can be managed. Our B&T students develop a thorough understanding of the business processes characteristic of global business-to-business markets and the ability to apply business development practices in international networks. The major offered is International Sales and Sourcing, with special emphasis on business development in technology-intensive industries.  

As a special feature, the B&T emphasises problem-based learning in projects conducted in collaboration with local industry. This combination of theory and practice is in great demand in industry; in terms of graduate employment rates, B&T is the leading international MSc programme in Finland.  

Business development in sales and sourcing often requires managers to understand not only the potential of but also the limitations embedded in these technologies. An engineering background is therefore an excellent starting point for a career in sales or sourcing. Furthermore, since B&T is targeted for young engineers and engineering graduates, technology-intensive products and services are emphasised in the programme. This pedagogical approach ensures that students are able to take full advantage of their engineering background when repositioning themselves in the management field.  

Complementary courses as a part of the major provide students with options to  deepen their competencies in subjects based on their personal and career interests. 

Studies in B&T are organised into a pedagogically coherent three-semester package. The programme starts with an introductory course to management studies and eventually culminates in advanced courses simulating decision-making situations in real-life business. Students who hold a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management will study a technologically oriented minor. After the three semesters, students write their master's thesis in close collaboration with a company, mostly in a paid position.   

Our experienced teachers use a broad range of teaching methods, such as lectures, class discussions, case studies, written assignments and problem-based learning with companies. As is characteristic of Finnish education, we encourage active interaction between students and faculty members. The feedback we receive from our students highlights the commitment and encouragement of our teachers, the international and friendly atmosphere, and modern facilities. 


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Master of Science (Technology)

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