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Information Technology, Communication Systems and Networks, Master of Science (Technology)

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Information Technology, Communication Systems and Networks, Master of Science (Technology)

The ongoing and all-encompassing digitalisation process, which will eventually penetrate all industries and the whole society, builds largely on efficient communications infrastructures. The associated Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet paradigms refer to the future connected and programmable world, where not only people but also all things are able to communicate. They will have a significant impact on different vertical industries, such as energy, transportation, logistics and manufacturing.  

The Master's Degree Programme in Communication Systems and Networks equips students with excellent abilities to become valued experts in communication systems, both in Finland and abroad. A master's degree from this programme is highly respected, and our graduates enjoy excellent employment rates. 

The studies in the field of Communication Systems and Networks place special emphasis on the Future Internet and evolving and emerging (4G, 5G and beyond 5G) wireless broadband/multi-service communication systems. While the focus is on radio access system and networking levels, physical layer digital communication techniques and system-level RF aspects are also within the scope of the major.? 

As a student you can freely specialise in either of the following focus areas:? 

  • Networking? 
  • Radio Systems and Networks? 

The spesialisation in Networking covers various aspects of wired and wireless packet switched networks and the Future Internet. The compulsory courses explore local and wide area wireless and wired networks, providing students with in-depth knowledge of concepts such as TCP/IP protocols suite, MAC-level algorithms and methods, and networking paradigms (e.g. peer-to-peer networking). The spesialisation in Radio Systems and Networks provides students with a theoretical understanding and skills related to the practical optimisation and planning of wireless radio communication systems and networks, such as 3GPP HSPA, LTE, and LTE-Advanced as well as IEEE 802.11 type WiFi systems, based on an in-depth understanding of radio communications, radio propagation and system-level RF issues.  

Major studies and MSc thesis projects are closely linked to the research activities of the Wireless Communications research group of Tampere University, which maintains close collaborations with industry. 

Tampere University offers students the opportunity for a broad, cross-disciplinary education. A rich variety of minor studies and supplementary courses are available as well as the opportunity to concentrate purely on major studies. 


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Master of Science (Technology)

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