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Information Technology, Software Engineering – Web & Cloud, Master of Science (Technology)

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Information Technology, Software Engineering – Web & Cloud, Master of Science (Technology)

Upon completion of this degree programme, students will have an in-depth understanding of software engineering and the ability to design and implement software systems. They will also have the knowledge and skills to manage and improve software development processes and understand, design, and implement web and cloud based systems.

Software Engineering – Web & Cloud studies focus on software engineering, but contains programming technologies, especially the ones related to the web and cloud-based services. As a student, you will be provided with a solid understanding of software engineering, the ability to design and implement large software systems, and the competence to manage and improve software development processes. Studies also include relevant technologies and skills like networking, clouds, information security, user experience, big data and IoT. 

The research activities of Tampere University ensure that the content of the degree programmes remains on a high level academically. Our close collaboration with companies allows us to keep the content relevant also for careers outside academia.? 

We offer our students the opportunity for a broad, cross-disciplinary education. A rich variety of minor studies and supplementary courses are available as well as the opportunity to concentrate purely on major studies. In fact, each degree is a unique combination of studies that the individual student has found most interesting.  


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Master of Science (Technology)

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Tampereen yliopisto, Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto ja Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu muodostavat Tampereen korkeakouluyhteisön. Korkeakouluyhteisön yhteinen nimi on Tampereen yliopisto. Uusi korkeakouluyhteisö aloitti toimintansa 1.1.2019, kun Tampereen yliopisto ja Tampereen teknillinen yliopisto yhdistyivät ja yliopiston sekä ammattikorkeakoulun yhteistyö tiivistyi. Uusi yhteisö yhdistää muun...

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