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Photonics Technologies, Master of Science (Technology)

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Photonics Technologies, Master of Science (Technology)

The international Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics Technologies provides students with in-depth knowledge of photonics as a whole, from the most fundamental concepts to advanced technologies. The programme provides the necessary background and expertise for graduates to become technology experts, researchers, or managers. Students receive multidisciplinary education in the field of photonics, ranging from light-matter interactions and laser physics to the design of optical systems, semiconductor technologies, advanced nanofabrication methods and measurement techniques. With the option to specialise either in Ultrafast Photonics and Lasers or Materials for Photonics, our programme provides a unique opportunity for students to become experts in these rapidly expanding areas where we have world-leading expertise.

After completing the Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics Technologies, students will

  • have solid overall knowledge of photonics and be able to understand the role of photonics in current and future societal challenges
  • have expert knowledge in a well-defined area within photonics, materials for photonics, or ultrafast photonics and lasers
  • have an understanding of the interface between fundamental optical phenomena, optical materials and modern photonics technologies
  • be familiar with the principles of experimental work and the ability to work in a laboratory, design experimental setups and conduct experiments
  • be able to apply scientific methods to interpret information, draw conclusions from scientific analysis and report the results
  • be able to use language, communication and collaborative skills in scientific research and an industrial environment
  • has acquired the skills to work in an international and multicultural environment

After complementing the programme, our graduates will be eligible to continue their studies towards a PhD in photonics or work in industry as an expert, developer, or leader in positions where knowledge and skills in photonics are required.

The compulsory basic studies of the master’s programme provide an introduction to the field of photonics and allow students to acquire prerequisite knowledge for pursuing more advanced studies. The module also provides you with other necessary skills, such as the basics of the Finnish language and guidance for thesis writing. The specialisation areas available in the programme provide in-depth knowledge of photonics from different perspectives in two focus areas, Photonic Materials and Ultrafast Photonics and Lasers.

Hands-on laboratory assignments, where theoretical knowledge is put into practice, are an important aspect of the programme and develop both your research and engineering skills and prepare you to pursue a career in academia or industry. The programme also includes frequent interactions with industry and regular seminars on newly emerging research areas and technologies.

Students enrolled in the international Master’s Degree Programme in Photonics Technologies complete an extended advanced study module of 90 credits in photonics. In addition, students are required to write a master's thesis relating to the field of their advanced studies (30 credits). Students have the opportunity to complete their master’s thesis within the framework of an academic research project or an industrial project. Students who complete extended advanced studies in photonics (60 credits), are not required to complete a minor study module.

Tampere University offers students the opportunity to pursue a broad and cross-disciplinary education. Students have the option to include another study module of 20 credits in their degree. As this study module may be freely selected, it allows students to direct their expertise towards their desired career path or field of interest. Students can choose their electives from a wide variety of courses. You take take courses from different disciplines within the University and include elements of applied sciences and university studies in your degree.


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Master of Science (Technology)

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