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Master's Degree Programme in Future Health and Technology

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Syksy 2023
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Master's Degree Programme in Future Health and Technology

The Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku has on 21 December 2021 decided to withdraw from the call for applications for this programme in spring 2022. We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused to our prospective applicants.

Master's degree programme in Future Health and Technology consists of studies from the fields of nursing science, software engineering and information systems, giving an excellent stepping stone for students to plan, develop and implement health technology solutions and products for clinical practice and personalised health care. Adapting theoretical knowledge to implement and tune a working solution to a real-life interdisciplinary challenge in an international setting is also an essential part of these studies.

The Future Health & Technology programme is a two year full-time programme organised in interdisciplinary collaboration between health sciences and information technology: Fudan University and the University of Turku, and four departments: Department of Nursing Science and Department of Future Technologies at the University of Turku; School of Nursing and School of Information Science and Technology at Fudan University. The main study locations are in Fudan campus in Shanghai, China and the Turku campus in Turku, Finland. The first semester is organised at Fudan University and the second at the University of Turku for all students. The third and the fourth semesters are organised at the students’ home universities (Fudan University or the University of Turku).

The Future Health & Technology programme aims to increase understanding about knowledge, challenges, cultural diversity, and trends of information technology relevant in health care in global context. In addition, the programme obtains to strengthen the international, innovative, and interdisciplinary collaboration between information technology and nursing science. It is also designed to improve the health care information systems and the quality of care by jointly implementing innovative information technology projects in health care. Thus, the programme educates experts with vision in scientific approach in global information technology in health care.

Degree students will:

  • become widely familiar with special theoretical concepts, knowledge and methods of nursing research and health informatics
  • be able to produce a Master’s thesis combining nursing science with health technology
  • be able to solve demanding research and innovation problems of which purposes are to develop new information, methods and applications
  • have readiness in creative, scientifically justifying tasks in the fields of nursing and health technology
  • be able to manage, plan, assess and develop complex, unexpected and new strategic approaches based on scientific knowledge
  • have readiness to lead innovative information technology projects in health care
  • be able to promote the development of nursing science, especially in the field of health technology

Additionally students will:

  • learn international thinking and multicultural understanding, including good language skills
  • incorporate different approaches to their studies and gain perspectives from more than one academic supervisor, have different types of study environments, teaching and learning styles
  • have a chance of creating wide network and worldwide contacts
  • become a new labour generation in health and technology after graduation
  • benefit from international education while seeking for work

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