Finance, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) (2 years)

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Finance, Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) (2 years)

The Master’s Degree Programme in Finance is a two-year, full-time programme. The core coursework consists of compulsory finance courses taken during the first three academic semesters. The compulsory courses provide strong knowledge in the areas of corporate finance, financial markets, investments, financial analysis, risk management, and corporate social responsibility. These courses develop and broaden the students’ knowledge of modern financial theory, while also providing a practical understanding of financial markets.

Across both years of the programme, students can select from wide-range of optional courses, which are partly multidisciplinary with elements from economics, financial accounting, statistics, programming, fintech and financial mathematics. They also offer the possibility for specialization in specific areas of finance based on their own interests and career objectives. Specializations are mainly focused on:

  1. Banking and International Finance,
  2. Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis,
  3. Data Analytics and Fintech, and
  4. Financial Markets and Asset Management

Courses consist of lectures, group work, students’ presentations, case studies, presentations by guest lecturers from the financial industry and final exams. Master’s degree students are expected to complete courses worth approximately 30 ECTS credits each semester, as an active fulltime student. During the second year of their studies, students pursue a rigorous individual research project that culminates in the writing of a Master’s Thesis.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Finance is designed to provide students with a profound understanding of modern financial theory and its practical applications. The intended knowledge learning outcomes of the programme are centered around two core areas of Finance,

  • Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis and
  • Financial Markets and Instruments.

Within Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis, students will acquire knowledge on corporate financial decisions, financial management, long-term financial policies as well as corporate control and governance, and will come to understand investment appraisal criteria underlying corporate investment decisions. In terms of Financial Markets and Instruments, the programme aims to develop in-depth knowledge in different types of financial instruments, the functioning of global financial markets, asset valuation, financial derivatives, and risk management. Students will also learn analytical approaches and methods for financial analysis and for conducting empirical research in finance.

The programme also supports and guides students in developing a range of key generic skills that they can utilize in their future careers. Throughout the programme, students will have the possibility to develop

  1. communication and team working skills in an international environment,
  2. analytical, problem solving and data analytics skills, and
  3. attitudes towards social responsibility, sustainability and ethics.

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Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

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