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The Best Student Cities in Finland 2022

The best student cities in Finland have now been ranked. Helsinki won the title of Student City of the Year 2022 – congratulations Helsinki! You can see the rest of the TOP 10 cities below.

Which city is right for my needs? How easy is it to find an apartment? What are the internship opportunities? To make it easier to find a perfect place to study, we decided to help and find the best student cities in Finland for you.

We conducted a survey to find out which things are most important when choosing a city to study in. The survey showed that those looking for a place of study value the level of the schools and education, the possibility of postgraduate studies, internships and post-graduate employment opportunities the most. We used the survey to help us rank the student cities in Finland.

Now we are happy to announce: here are the 10 best student cities in Finland!

The Best Student Cities in Finland 2022 🏆

    1. Helsinki ⭐

    2. Espoo ⭐

    3. Tampere ⭐

    4. Turku

    5. Oulu 

    6. Jyväskylä

    7. Kuopio

    8. Vantaa

    9. Joensuu

    10. Pori

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