Electronics and Nanotechnology, Master of Science (Technology)

2 years
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Electronics and Nanotechnology, Master of Science (Technology)

Are you curious how modern wireless devices work and why wireless connection is getting faster and faster? Would you like to know how to integrate radio-frequency circuits and antennas into smallest wireless sensors, e.g., for the "Internet of Things", for satellite-based earth or space observation, or for implantable medical devices? Perhaps you are also interested in nano fabrication methods, solar panels, or radio propagation and electromagnetics in basic research?

Master's Programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology answers to all these questions and more. The programme offers you fundamental knowledge in the following areas: micro- and nanosciences, micro- and nanoelectronic circuit design, advanced materials and photonics, radio science, and space science & technology. In this programme you approach engineering studies from both industrial and scientific perspectives. You can be theoretically oriented or direct your studies more towards practical applications.

Study Programme

The programme offers five major options. During the first semester you focus on the common subjects, and at the end of the semester you select your major. During the second and third semesters you gain a deep insight in your chosen major, which leads to the Master's thesis during the second year of your studies. The programme is a combination of theoretical and practical courses which consist of lectures, independent exercises, computer simulations, laboratory works, and group assignments. The studies are closely connected to the current research in the relevant field. The programme also allows for elective studies from a broad choice of topics within for example arts, business and other technological subjects.

The Master's degree (120 ECTS) is composed of studies in the major (65 ECTS), elective studies (25 ECTS), and the Master's thesis (30 ECTS).

Master's programme in Electronics and Nanotechnology on elektroniikan ja nanoteknologian maisteriohjelma. Ohjelmassa yhdistyvät tieteen ja teollisuuden näkökulmat. Maisteriohjelmassa voi valita oman kiinnostuksensa mukaan joko teoreettisemman tai käytännön sovelluksiin suuntautuvan lähtökohdan.

Admission requirements

You can apply through www.studyinfo.fi.

Degree / Diploma

Master of Science (Technology)



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