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Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions | Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

2 years

Master's Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions | Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Built Environment

here is an ongoing transition towards sustainable energy, which combines smartness, flexibility and environmental performance with customer acceptance and engagement. The new energy system will be a complex combination of central and local resources. This calls for new thinking of primary sources, production, markets, transmission, use and customers as producer-consumers, or prosumers.

The programme has four majors. In each of them, you will be provided with a solid theoretical background, which is then complemented with interdisciplinary studies to broaden and deepen your understanding of energy challenges in our society.

The Sustainable Energy in Buildings and Built Environment major offers the theoretical basis and practical skills that are required in design projects and the development of novel technologies and services for energy-efficient buildings and nearby. The major offers advanced courses on the efficient use of energy in the fields of building technology and services as well as on the design of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The specialization of the major includes specification of performance of building HVAC systems and indoor environmental quality. The major prepares students for current and future challenges in construction and building services industries.

Study programme

Already today, a great majority of people are living in cities and urbanization is a continuing trend. Developing energy efficient buildings and cities is a huge current challenge, when at the same time all solutions should also achieve healthy, comfortable and productive indoor environments. At the moment, buildings are responsible for 40% of final energy consumption and about 50 % of electricity consumption. For this reason, nations in Europe and beyond have awoken to the need to reduce the use of energy in buildings. In the short term, all new buildings should be nearly zero energy buildings by the year 2020. In the next phase, the EU 2050 roadmap defines that by 2050, the equivalent CO2 emission from the building sector should be reduced by around 90% compared to the 1990 level.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of the Major, the student will:

  • Have an understanding of interdisciplinary aspects of energy efficiency
  • Have an understanding of the methods to improve energy efficiency
  • Be aware of how to utilize renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Be able to optimize building systems and develop services to improve energy efficiency
  • Have an understanding of how the entity of building design and HVAC system influences upon the indoor environment
  • Have an understanding of design methods and appropriate simulation and optimization tools

The Advanced HVAC course package (45 cr.) provides the qualification to be a responsible designer of exceptionally demanding HVAC projects in Finland.


Relevant Bachelor's degree

Tutkinto / todistus

Master of Science (Technology)



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