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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Sport Business Management | full-time studies

Lapin ammattikorkeakoulu, paikassa Rovaniemi
3,5 vuotta
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Viimeinen hakuaika: Joint application January
3,5 vuotta
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Viimeinen hakuaika: Joint application January
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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Sport Business Management | full-time studies

 Bachelor of Business Administration | International Sport Business Management

Are you interested in Sport? Do you want to work within an international business environment? Would you like to combine your passion for sport and business to create a pathway to a job you love? The Degree Programme on International Sport Business Management provides an all-round educational experience designed to prepare you for the sports business sector.

In the International Sport Business Managment -programme, you will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of sustainable development in sport, financial management, sport marketing, entrepreneurship, sport tourism, event management and business design. Equipped with this strong foundation, you will be prepared to address real life challenges in the sports industry with confidence and readiness.

Once graduated you can start to look forward to a career in sports business and management. As an expert in several subjects including sustainability, project management and leadership, moving into the workplace or establishing your own business will come naturally as your next career step. The Arctic is a perfect location to develop your skills. Lapland is a region of sporting excellence, and we are ready to help  you achieve your greatest self.

In Lapland and internationally the sports industry is flourishing, and there is a constant need for a workforce equipped with up-to-date skills and resources to keep the industry sprinting forward. As a graduate of International Sport Business Management, you can be one the future innovators in this fast growing industry. 

The study environment and co-operation with the working life 

The advantages of this programme is its unique environment. You study in an innovative learning environment that combines theory, practice and modern facilities with advanced technologies that support effective learning. You will gain a more concrete approach to the topics studied within projects implemented in close cooperation with local companies and organisations. The programme encourages development and implementation of innovative sustainable business ideas in joint projects with sport businesses, locally and internationally. Implementation of studies may take multiple forms: in-class studies as well as field activities such as practical training in a company and field trips in the region, an international exchange period and virtual studies.

Teaching takes place on campus in Rovaniemi. However some online implementation are possible. Internationalization and globalization have naturally a central position in your studies. Working in teams is a key part of our studies. As a student you will get an individual study plan (ISP) based on your needs to strengthen your skills. As an international programme, we challenge students to consider cultural and communication elements throughout their studies in preparation for their future career paths.

The city of Rovaniemi offers you excellent possibilities also for extra curriculum activities and sports. During your studies you will work and study in close cooperation with the working life representatives.

Examples of our cooperation with working life:

  • Organized visits to local and our partner companies
  • Real life collaboration projects with companies
  • Events related to working life
  • Study units preparing you for working life
  • Practical trainings
  • Job application and CV workshops
  • Various extra curricular and student union activities where you can build your network, e. g. tutoring.

Studying in English improves your language skills which is a valued skill in working life. Studying in multicultural groups develops your cultural awareness, which is highly valued skill in working life. You will also have a chance to experience internationalization at home through joint study unit implementation and events together with the local students. You can also improve your international skills by studying or doing your practical training abroad. We also hope you to enjoy Lapland so much that you'll stay here after your graduation. Best way to start that journey is to look for an internship at a local company. During your studies you get the opportunity to learn Finnish.

Future career prospects

Future career prospects for Sport Business Management -graduates are excellent. After graduation the work possibilities are various. You can work for example as a 

  • Sports Marketing Manager
  • Sponsorship and Hospitality Manager
  • Head of Public Sport Services
  • Sales negotiator
  • Sports Project and Event planner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Sport and Sustainable Development Consultant
  • Sport Facility Manager.

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  • Tuition fees in Lapland UAS

You can apply for most of the Bachelor’s level studies conducted in English in joint application to higher education. In joint application you apply to all your study programme choices with one application form.

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Bachelor of Business Administration, Tradenomi (AMK)

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