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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

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Bachelor of Business Administration | International Business | full-time studies

Study objectives

The programme in International Business gives you wide and versatile skills by focusing in the working life in practice. You will acquire the knowledge and skillset for expert and management tasks. Entrepreneurship, power of initiative and internationalization will also be focus points in your studies. As Vaasa is one of Finland’s fastest growing business areas, there are plenty of trainee and part-time opportunies to give your career a strong start! After your studies you might be working in expert and leadership positions, in the fields of domestic or foreign marketing, in export, import or forwarding, in managerial and financial accounting or in public and judicial administration. After graduation your title could be product specialist, key account manager, project leader, controller, chief accountant, finance manager or marketing manager depending on your spesialization. By choosing the degree programme  in International Business you will develop skills for various demanding expert and leadership positions for both public and private sector careers. As you will study in English, you will be perfectly equipped for your career, whether it would be in a multinational company abroad or in an international company in Finland. Students from all over the world bring a variety of different cultures and experiences to this degree programme.

Study contents

Real business challenges. You will study individually and in teams with learning tasks that deal with marketing and foreign trade. Theory and practice combine as you get to solve real-life business challenges. Local companies submit these challenges and your team’s mission is to research and develop the best possible solutions for the problems, with the help of your instructor. So, instead of studying last decade’s case studies you will explore the uncharted territory of tomorrow’s problems.

Practical training and thesis. Valuable work experience and priceless employer contacts – already during your studies. This makes the shift to working-life after graduation a lot smoother. The practical training in International Business lasts 20 weeks. Finally, you wrap it all up with a thesis: the basic skills, your own object of study and your independent problem-solving skills.

The package. Entrepreneurship, comprehensive way of thinking and working independently are the cornerstones of our degree programme of International Business.

  • Basic & professional studies (practically oriented), 110 ects
  • Professional studies (spesialized), 45 ects
  • Optional Studies, 10 ects
  • 6 months’ practical training, 30 ects
  • Thesis 15 ects
  • Total: 210 ects

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Tutkinto / todistus

Bachelor of Business Administration, Tradenomi (AMK)

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu

Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu

VAMK on noin 3300 opiskelijan kansainvälinen korkeakoulu. Ammattikorkeakoulu tekee tiivistä yhteistyötä alueen työelämän kanssa. Ja kun Vaasassa joka viides vastaantulija on korkeakouluopiskelija, bileet ja kaverit eivät tästä kaupungista lopu. Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulussa elät #parastaaikaa VAMK tarjoaa koulutusta kolmella eri alalla: tekniikka,...

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Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu

Wolffintie 30
65200 Vaasa

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