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Learning a new language while studying cooking

Palvelualan Opisto Kuopio

Learning a new language while studying cooking

Originally from England, Jake Reddy studies cooking in Palvelualan Opisto Kuopio. Jake loves the school’s friendly environment and plans to make a profession out of cooking. He would also recommend the studies and the school for everyone interested in cooking!

From England through Spain to Finland

Before coming to Finland Jake completed primary school in England and secondary school in Spain. When he arrived to Finland he took part in a Finnish language course in vocational school. Finally before starting hotel, restaurant and catering studies he took part in a five month household course in Palvelualan Opisto Kuopio to practice the language and to meet new people.

– After completing the five month course I was keen to continue in the kitchen, finding great enjoyment and pleasure in cooking and learning. I started hotel, restaurant and catering studies in August 2014 and I am still thoroughly enjoying it.

Amazing students and teachers

Jake has studied cooking for three months and his week consists of three days in the main kitchen cooking food for the school’s 100–150 students, teachers and guests. Other days vary from being in a kitchen learning new recipes or in a class room studying the theory.

– At the moment it is really enjoyable, our class group is full of great people and the teachers are extremely helpful.

According to Jake, the best thing about the studies is that the teachers do not strictly stick to the menus and recipes, allowing the students to try new things, experiment and let personality come out through the food.

– I am extremely grateful to everyone at Palvelualan Opisto Kuopio for the support I am shown daily, whether it be a language issue or needing help to overcome a problem while in the kitchen there is always help when needed. A great school with a fantastic community!

Every moment in the school has been enjoyable

Jake thinks that being a cook requires especially to be calm and under control while in the kitchen. Clear communication and a solid plan help to keep the food on time, group together and the kitchen running smoothly.

In the future Jake plans to broaden his knowledge with more studies into cooking, technique and possibly a butchery course. It is also important to find and keep a job and who knows, maybe even owning a restaurant. When asked would he recommend the studies and the school, Jake answered following:

– Yes, without a doubt! The lessons are enjoyable, fun and paced at a speed I can keep up with and not feel left behind. I have enjoyed every moment at the school and I am sure I will have many more enjoyable moments in the future.

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