Architecture studies / Arkkitehtuurikoulutus

18 joulu 2011

I would like to know about Bachelors programmes in architecture. What the entrance exams for them consist of? What skills must the receptee show at the exams, particularly in drawing? Is it possible to get acquainted with the materials of previous years` exams? And what are the requirements for the knowledge of Finnish language?

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28 elo 2019


Thank you for your question. Here you can find all the university level architecture educations that are shown on our site. Some of them are taught in Finnish and some of them in English.

Is there a certain school that you would like to study in? Or a certain city? I believe that the admission criteria, exam material etc. vary depending on the school. Therefore I advise you to ask about these issues directly from the university that you are interested in. That way you will get the best and most accurate answers.

For most of the Finnish universities, the next time to apply is in the spring through the joint application during 5.3.−3.4.2012. In general, when applying for a bachelor programme in architecture, the applicant's math skills and drawing skills are tested.

Good luck with your studies and Merry Christmas!

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