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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Media and Arts | full-time studies

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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Media and Arts | full-time studies

The focus of the degree programme is to provide up-to-date competences in a continuously changing and growing international media and arts sector. The studies follow three main study paths:

  • Interactive Media
  • Music Production
  • Fine Art

The main study paths are subdivided into study modules, which lead to high professional competences in one or more of the following areas of application: emerging media (VR/AR/MR/XR, etc.), web design and services, game design, user experience design, motion graphics design, production and content design, music production and music business, song writing, sound design, event production, cultural export, fine art photography, moving image, drawing and painting, animation, and applied fine art.

The general aim of the studies is that students become professionals who are able to work as experts, developers and entrepreneurs in the field, both in Finland and abroad.

On a more specific level, the main objectives are that the graduate will

  • become capable of creative innovations and solutions which can be applied in practice
  • master the media, working methods and technology of her/his speciality
  • be able to act professionally in the typical communication and interaction situations of the field
  • be able to design, create and head media and art -related productions, and act as member of a team
  • acquire the competence to enter both national and international fields of employment as a professional and as an entrepreneur.

The first year provides a broad perspective on the basic skills needed on each study path. In autumn you will study a wide selection of introduction courses and one basic Finnish language course. In the spring term you will select the first professional studies module of your specialisation from your study path. After the first year you will know how to use the essential tools and techniques. Projects included to the spring study module will contain also work with customers.

In the second year you will choose a second specialisation module for the autumn term and a third module for the spring. As of second year, you can choose modules from the selection of all study paths. Projects included to the modules will include also working with customers.

During the third year you will deepen and broaden your professional insight into your specialisation either by participating in an international study exchange, or by choosing a fourth study module at TAMK. For example, studying entrepreneurial and working life competences in our student driven co-operatives is one option. You can also experiment with the newest techniques and content creation methods in Emerging Median Production minor. In addition, choosing modules across paths and including studies from Tampere University cross study selection is possible. In the spring term the syllabus consists of some language studies, free choice studies and practical training.

The fourth year programme for autumn term consists of free choice studies and of studying media analysis and research. In the spring term you will do practical training and produce a Bachelor's thesis.

Carve your own study path

Please note that the description of the studies given above is just an example of a study plan. You will have the opportunity to plan your individual study programme with your teacher tutors and your study counsellor. There are many choices and the list of mandatory courses is not long.

You may specialise in a number of fields of expertise:

  • animation
  • applied fine art
  • cultural export
  • drawing and painting
  • emerging media production (VR/AR/MR/XR)
  • emerging media in sound design and music production
  • user experience design
  • entrepreneurship
  • event production
  • fine art photography
  • game design and production (Game Academy)
  • live event technology
  • motion graphics design
  • moving image
  • music production and song writing
  • research, development & innovation
  • sound design
  • visual design
  • web and app design
  • working with customers


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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Media and Arts, Medianomi (AMK)

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

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