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Research and Innovation in Higher Education, Master of Administrative Sciences

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Research and Innovation in Higher Education, Master of Administrative Sciences

MARIHE is a four-semester Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme of 120 ECTS credits with an intensive mobility scheme.

During the first academic year, all MARIHE students study together in Austria (1st semester) and in Finland (2nd semester). The first semester in Austria starts with an introduction phase and goes on to provide modules that will build the foundation of studies in research, innovation and HE management.

A series of three modules over three semesters called “Systems in Transition” are dedicated to the analysis and comparison of HE systems worldwide. It will start in the first semester with “Systems in Transition 1”, which is dedicated to History of Higher Education and Regional Focus on Europe (current issues in EHEA and European Research Area/ERA).

The two modules on research methods during the first two semesters prepare students for conducting management and social scientific research, applying both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Building on the knowledge and competences acquired in the first semester, the second semester in Finland will offer orientation to students in more specific and applied management topics: theories of organisation and change in HEIs and research institutions, research and innovation management, financial management and funding in HE, research and innovation, entrepreneurship, innovation and education. This will help students to further shape their path of learning and to decide on a specialisation.

The module “Systems in Transition 2” in the second semester is dedicated to globalisation and internationalisation in HE, and has a regional focus on Africa and North and South America. The module “Entrepreneurship, Education and Innovation” will foster entrepreneurship education in the programme, with a specialisation on the educational field. “Research Methods 2” will again prepare students for independent research in the field of research, innovation and HE management.

Between the second and the third semester, students will acquire work experience in the form of an internship at well-known organisations in higher education, research and innovation, providing them with the opportunity to gain experience in a real work setting.

After this, they will decide on either China or India as their destination of the field trip to Asia. This field trip will include the module Systems in Transition 3, which has a regional focus on Asia. The second module of this fieldtrip, “Insights from Practice in Chinese HE/in Indian HE” will give students the possibility to meet and discuss with practitioners, such as leaders and managers from HEIs or public authorities. In the case of India, this will be combined with addressing the sector of business school education as an additional focus.

After the fieldtrip to Asia, the last part of the third semester will form the start of the students’ specialisation: “Research and Innovation” (Finland), “Leadership and Management” (Germany), “Institutional Research” (Austria) and “Learning and Teaching” (Hungary). All students will accomplish two modules in their chosen specialisation. For the fourth semester, they will stay at the same host institution and write their master's thesis in their field of specialisation. Depending on the chosen specialisation, graduates will receive a joint degree or a double degree.

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